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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  December 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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shutdown by the end of the week. plus making it a little easier to get around one of virginia's big bottlenecks on the stretch of road that's reopening today. >> good morning. i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" on this wednesday, december 14th, 2011. it is 44 degrees. at least near the building, near the station, tom is saying reality check shows it's actually much colder in parts of our area. >> get another three feet from the building, and it's into the 30s. around our region, fortunately, this morning we've got a calm wind, and it's not as cold as it has been the last few mornings. on this wednesday morning, some breaks in the clouds. the moonshining through, and the temperatures around the region now in the mid and upper 30s. most locations are above freezing across west virginia, maryland, and virginia. right near the bay it's in the low 40s to upper 30s. bay water temperatures are in the mid-40s now. so any breeze off the bay
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actually is a little bit milder. the temperatures in the 30s out of the mountains mainly because we've got a cloud cover holding in warmth. there's a warm front triggering rain in ohio, indiana, parts of kentucky. that will stay warm throughout the day. sunrise at 7:18. a little sun, then a cloudy afternoon. highs should reach the low and mid-50s by midafternoon. your evening planner at 5:11. let's have a look at our wednesday commute. good morning, danella. >> good morning. let's start with the drive along i-95. this is your commute in virginia coming out of triangle and making your way towards the beltw beltway. still a lot of green in both directions. we'll check live cameras just to be sure. here's the view at prince william parkway. you are clear. if you're traveling on i-95, continuing on to 395, the view looks just as nice. light volume, no accidents to
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report at this time. if you continue on towards the 14th street bridge, i'll give you a travel time to see how long that commute takes. from the beltway to the 14th street bridge, your travel speed is 64 miles per hour. that trip only takes 12 minutes. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at your rails. joe and eun, back to you. congress working to avoid a government shutdown at the end of the week. it's all because lawmakers cannot agree on how to reach a pay cut for millions of americans. they reached an agreement on a $1 trillion measure to keep the government running through september. temporary funding expires this weekend. democrats refusing to let the legislation move through congress until the two parties broker a deal on the payroll tax cut. the republican controlled house passed legislation to extend payroll tax cuts through 2012, but senate democrats say they won't approve it because the proposal has a requirement for construction of an oil pipeline. depositions hope that will build
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pressure on republicans to reach an agreement quickly on the payroll tax bill, a tactic that house speaker john boehner called outrageous. >> now senate democrats must act. the senate can take up our bill. they can pass it. they can amend it. or they can move their own bill. but it is time for the senate to act. >> president obama has threatened to veto the payroll tax measure if it does include the oil pipeline provision. a new poll says a large chunk of americans believe the 112th congress is one of the worst ever, according to the new nbc news/wall street journal poll. 42% of those surveyed agreed with that assessment. 33% say its performance has been below average. 21% say it has been average. only 2% labeled it above average, and only 1% calls it one of the best ever. the poll has an overall margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.
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the man accuseded eof firi shots at the white house will be in court today. oscar ortega hernandez was ordered to undergo further psychiatric testing after passing a preliminary examination saying he was competent to attend trial. prosecutors say he fired a semiautomatic rifle at the white house last month. he is due back in court at 9:30 this morning. today president obama marks the coming end to the iraq war by visiting troops in north carolina. he'll travel to ft. bragg near fayetteville with first lady michelle obama and make a speech this afternoon. more than 200 troops from the base have died in iraq since the war began. president obama has pledged that all u.s. troops will be out of iraq by the end of this month. the president's speech comes as iraqi security officials investigate an explosion in baghdad. two men had the bombing at the hotel. lawmakers from capitol hill
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are now launching an investigation of the occupy d.c. movement. a house committee led by republican daryl issa is looking at why the park police are allowing demonstrators to remain in mcpherson square. he also accuses the park service of breaking its own rules by allowing the protesters to remain there. some occupy wall street organizers are hoping to launch a new movement. they're calling it occupy the dream, and it will be comprised of african american clergy members across the country. the group plans to take action next january the 16th on martin luther king jr. day. they'll lay out their plans and demands here in washington here today. right now traffic is running smoothly in tysons corner after they reopened a ramp closed for more than a year. it connects westbound leesburg
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pike with southbound chain bridge road. tracee wilkins joins us live. >> reporter: good morning. they are expected to open the ramp this morning. if you take a look down there, you can see where they still have it blocked off. we've been seeing some movement here. before the mall was built in the '60s, this was the heart of tysons corner, and it's still a major thoroughfare. people were avoiding the area because of the construction on the silver line. now this is a positive change for you. this morning they plan to open the ramp by connecting westbound leesburg pike with southbound chain bridge road. this was closed a little more than a year ago because of construction work on the silver line extension to reston. the ramp had to stay closed as they worked on a tunnel, but now it looks like they're prepared to go ahead and reopen it later on today. as soon as that hapds, we'll let
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you know. good news for folks who live in this area and shop in this area as well. tracee wilkins live this morning in tysons corner, eun, back to you in the studio. commuters up on the road in sterling are also in for some relief today. the final section of atlantic boulevard is finally open. the 4.5-mile stretch of road connects sterling road to route 7 in sterling and should alleviate traffic on route 28. the newest section from magnolia road to church road opens today. you're time is now 5:07. donald trump is making headlines in the race for the white house. what he's now accusing the republican party of doing.
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5:09 sneaking up on 5:10 is our time. 44 degrees in the nation's capital. that's the temperature outside alongside the dryer vent. it's a little cooler if you step away from the building. beautiful sky out there, kind of a purple sky with clouds. here's tom with a look at the weather. >> someone's got their flannel pajamas in the dryer this morning. good morning. we don't need to layer up as much as we've had to do the last couple of mornings. we have milder temperatures coming in. we have winds shifting from the south to southeast later today that will bring in milder weather. some frost with a few isolated places of patchy frost in north central maryland and north central virginia, but elsewhere, we're above freezing in the mid and upper 30s from the mountains to the bay and eastern shore. near 40 in washington right by
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the bay waters. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties. most locations above freezing in the mid-30s. over the last 12 hours, quite a bit of cloudiness coming in from the west, ahead of a rain system spreading some rain into far western west virginia and then farther to the west of there and the southwest. that's along a warm front that will actually stay away from us as the day progresses. we'll get a mild southerly flow warming us to 40s and low and mid-50s by later this afternoon under a cloudy sky. here is your evening planner. sunset at 4:47 and will be back down into the low 40s by midnight under a mostly cloudy sky. could get rain tomorrow. we'll look at that friday, the weekend, and into next week in ten minutes. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. if you're traveling along route 50, not seeing any major issues for you. i'll actually give you a live look right now at 50 on the beltway. not seeing any major issues for you. as you're traveling eastbound on the right side of the roadway,
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you can see we have truckers just taking a little bit of a break. westbound continuing on the outer loop of the beltway, not seeing any issues at new hampshire avenue. i'll give you a travel speed if you continue on the outer loop of the beltway, make your way from i-95 to i-270, you're at 59 miles per hour. not bad. that takes you ten minutes. if you're taking the rails this morning, not seeing any delays reported on the metro, marc, or vre. all are running on or close to schedule. now back to you both. >> danella, thank you. 5:12. 44 degrees. ahead on "news 4 today," put the phone down on drive. and the drastic restrictions the government is
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a new poll out today shows they're likely to face different challenges. newt gingrich has a strong hold on republican voters. mitt romney trails with nearly two-thirds of republicans classifying him as too moderate or liberal. on the other hand, romney faces off better against president obama, trailing by just 2%. gingrich trails the president by 11% because independents and women view him in a more negative light. donald trump has decided not to moderate a republican debate scheduled just days before the iowa caucuses because he's still considering a run for the white house himself. trump announced he may become an independent candidate in june because of an equal time provision. he can't become an official candidate until the spring season of his show "the apprentice" ends.
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only two candidates signed up for his debate. trump says it's because the republican party is upset with him. >> they want me to announce that i won't run as an independent candidate, and i won't do that because, if republicans pick the wrong person, i would, in fact, seriously consider running. >> the next gop debate is tomorrow night. the tone for jerry sandusky says he did not mean to refer to a gay sex line during a press conference. joseph amendola said, if anyone believes his client raped these boys, they should call 1-800-reality. the number is a sex line. amendola says he used it to say get a life. amendola did not know the number was real and will not use it again. jerry sandusky waived his preliminary hearing on two dozen sexual abuse charges.
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he maintains he is innocent. two former ball boys for the syracuse men's basketball team are now suing head coach jim boeheim. the coach initially said that bobby davis and mike lang were lying when they accused longtime assistant coach bernie fine of sexually abusing them. the stepbrothers are suing boeheim for defamation. syracuse fired fine when his wife was heard in a taped telephone call suggesting she knew about the alleged abuse. the u.s. attorney's office is investigating claims from the third accuser as well. investigators are still looking for clues into last week's deadly shooting at virginia tech. despite nonstop efforts, police cannot find a link between ross ashley and the campus police officer he killed. police say ashley bought the gun he used in the shooting at a licensed virginia gun dealer. there are also no known connections to virginia tech.
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surveillance video first puts ashley in blacksburg on wednesday afternoon, but he's not seen again until the shooting that killed derek crouse. ashley went to high school in spotsylvania. the u.s. military is trying to recover parts of a drone that crashed off the coast of east africa. the air force was using the unmanned aircraft to monitor piracy, it says. the drone had engine trouble and went down shortly after taking off from the seychelles islands. no one was injured. it comes after iran claims it seized another drone identified as the rq-1 sentinel. the u.s. asked for its return on monday, but iran refused that request and said the u.s. should apologize for spying. today the government will start the first auction of offshore petroleum leases in the gulf of mexico since the deep water horizon.
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interior secretary salazar will conduct the sale. the explosion in the gulf led to the worst oil spill in the history of the u.s., sparking the interior department to regulate how it handles the offshore industry. the capitals have been playing their best hockey since dale hunter took over as coach, but last night they proved the caps have a long way to go. the offense and defense seemed to be lacking, and the flyers absolutely dominated in a 5-1 win at the verizon center. the second period appeared to be the difference as the flyers scored three unanswered goals. the coach pulled the goalie tomas vokoun from the game. jeff halpern gave the caps their only goal, but that did not come into the final minutes of the game. >> get the caps back on track. >> they're bailey getting back on track. >> remember the beginning of the season? what happened? >> that's right. let's go to tom kierein. he's looking at the weather.
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tom. we've got quite a bit of cloudiness this morning holding in a little bit of the warmth we had yesterday, and temperatures around the region as a result are warmer than they have been the last few days. probably won't be scraping frost this morning. right now down into the mid-30s in montgomery and prince george's, arlington and fairfax counties. near 40 by washington, chesapeake bay and northern neck. right now it's in the mid-30s most of virginia and maryland. and farther to the west too into west virginia and western maryland, most location in the mid and upper 30s as a warm front is beginning to move into the mountains. that warm front is triggering some rain in ohio, western west virginia, down into kentucky. that's going to be traveling north and west of us. we'll just have clouds from that system as we get into the afternoon. along with a southerly and southeasterly flow that will warm things up. sunrise at 7:18. by 9:00 still right around 40. noontime, upper 40s. may hit 50s for a brief time by
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midafternoon. then overnight tonight here's your evening planner. sunset at 4:47. we'll have temperatures back down through the low to mid-40s by mid to late evening. as we start off thursday morning, we'll be down into the upper 30s. cloudy tomorrow, into the mid and upper 50s, and a possibility of a passing shower as a cool front comes in. really, much colder air not going to be arriving until friday night. we'll have a weak disturbance passing to our south friday night. until then, in our 50s. highs 40s. morning lows near freezing and some sunshine. and a bit milder on monday, maybe rain tuesday. danella, how's traffic? if you're taking bridges in our area, let's start with the american legion bridge picking up some steam as you make your way on the outer loop as well as the inner loop as well getting pretty busy. not seeing any accidents. your lanes are open, and you're still traveling at speed. that's a good sign. crossing over the wilson bridge, bustling as well, but no major delays. definitely no accidents to report at this time. if you're crossing over the 14th
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street bridge, it's nice to see volume this light. it would be great if it was this way around 6:30. what do you think? i doubt it, but i'll let you know. on the rails, not seeing any delays reported at all on the metro, marc, or vre. all are running on or close to schedule. back in ten minutes with another look at traffic. joe and eun, back to you. >> thank you, danella. the clarendon metro station is back open this morning. that station shut down at the tail end of rush hour because loose floor tiles were found on the mezzanine area near fare gates. they wanted to make sure the area was structurally sound. shuttle buses were called in for about an hour before the station was deemed safe for passengers. mayor vincent gray will unveil the city's snow and emergency plan. last year's emergency response plan was reviewed, and officials have made changes to better ensure public safety. they'll also show off equipment the city bought during the off-season to help with snow
5:24 am
removal. the city's leading transportation investigators are calling for an all out ban of cell phone and mobile device use by drivers even if it's hands free. the national transportation safety board made the sweeping recommendation yesterday even though they have no regulatory authority. they say the only exception should be gps devices and use of mobile device ins an emergency. the ntsb is hoping car and cell phone manufacturers will find a way to disable cell phones while driving. dr. conrad murray is asking for a public attorney to appeal michael jackson's death, saying he cannot afford to pay for one himself. he is currently serving a four-year prison term for the involuntary manslaughter of michael jackson back in 2009. murray says he wants to appeal both his conviction and his sentence. so far no formal papers have been filed with the california appeals court.
5:25 am
lindsay lohan arrived back from her vacation in hawaii just in time to make her court appearance this morning. the 25-year-old actress will give a judge her first progress report under her new probation requirements. lohan has been reporting regularly for work at the los angeles county morgue since being threatened with a long jail sentence at her last hearing. she's also been attending court ordered counseling sessions for previously violating her probation. in about an hour and a half, we'll find out who "time" magazine's most interesting person of the year is. the big reveal will be on the "today" show. facebook founder mark zuckerberg took the title last year. this year's candidates include secretary of state, kate middleton, gabrielle giffords, and steve jobs. you can watch it right here on nbc 4 today. >> it's fun figuring who it's going to be. it's not the most interesting person, i don't think. it's the person with the most impact through the year. that's the person they choose.
5:26 am
whether good or evil. so it's not necessarily a popular person or a good person, but the person with the greatest impact. it will be interesting to see what they come up with. not this guy. >> no. but this black bear apparently had some places to go in canada. >> take a look. it hitched a ride on a garbage truck. drivers stopped traffic to watch what was happening. conservation officials think the bear got on the truck when it stopped to load trash from a dumpster. so the bear was apparently in the dumpster when they dumped it in the truck. wildlife zpers eventually tranquilized the animal and released it into the woods far north into the city. you would want to be tranquilized, you would think, far into the woods. i bet that bear was wondering, whoa, what was that about? was that a dream i had? he's waking up in the woods. enjoy your life now.
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another government shutdown is looming as the standoff continues between republicans and democrats on capitol hill. plus trying to right a wrong. how a local veterans group is honoring the lives of service members whose remains in dumped in a landfill. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> good morning to you. i'm joe krebs on this wednesday, the 14th day of december. let's take a live look outside right now. we have warm temperatures here in northwest washington at 45 degrees. i wouldn't call them warm, i guess. >> warmer. >> it's not cold exactly.
5:31 am
>> no. it's warmer than yesterday. so it's good. it's a positive direction, tom. >> here we are mid-december. we'll take it with the temperatures milder than they have been the last couple of mornings. you probably won't have to scrape any frost like we've been doing the last several mornings. right now around the region, temperatures generally mid and upper 30s in most locations. near 40 in reagan national and on the bay. away from the waters, generally low to mid-30s. maybe a few isolated spots in virginia and the eastern shore where the temperatures are near freezing. out of the mountains, most locations there are in the mid and upper 30s thanks to a cloud cover acting as a blanket, holding in some of the warmth from yesterday. those clouds associated with a warm front producing some rain right now in far western west virginia into ohio, indiana, and southern michigan. that warm front will stay to our west and north today. we'll have a southerly flow that will warm things up today.
5:32 am
we ought to be in the upper 40s by noontime. low to mid-50s during the afternoon. sunset at 4:47. your evening planner at 5:41. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. have report of an accident. this one if you're traveling i-95 southbound at 32. also seeing volume increase just a bit this morning. you're taking the inner loop of the beltway past route 1 getting a little bit busy. continuing on the inner loop of the beltway, this is a view of the beltway south of route 50. you can see bustling in both directions, both the inner loop and outer loop getting pretty busy. no major delays just yet. if you're traveling i-95 in virginia at fairfax county parkway watching these cars. you are start to go hit the brakes. then you will continue as you go onto 395. the good news is on i-95 north and south in virginia, not seeing any accidents on the roadways. again, volume is starting to increase at this time. now back to you both. >> danella, thanks. 5:32 now. all eyes on capitol hil today. congress is bickering over two
5:33 am
things. first, a controversial payroll tax cut extension, and that is fueling another fight which could lead to a government shutdown. angie goff is live in the news room with more on what this all means. angie, good morning to you. >> good morning, eun. the latest way to describe this latest effort to pass the payroll tax cut bill. it's complicated. >> the yays are 294. the nays are 193. the bill is passed. >> the house passed a bill that would extend a one-year in the payroll tax but with a big difference. inclusion in the oil pipeline. democrats say no way, and president obama is threatening to veto the likelihood of an agreement between the two sides looks dismal. >> now senate democrats must act. the senate can take up our bill. they can pass it. they can amend it. they can move their own bill. but it is time for the senate to act. >> the bill is dead on arrival.
5:34 am
it was dead before it got to the senate. >> now, what is also complicating things is the fact that democrats say they won't pass a spending bill to keep the government running until an agreement is reached on the payroll tax bill. republicans say that's outrageous. if no spending bill is passed, the government will shut down this weekend. back to you. >> and for a while we thought we'd avoid that shutdown. now that's in question. >> it's up in the air. >> angie goff live in our news room. angie, thanks so much. occupy d.c. protesters are feeling the heat from some members of congress. the house committee is launching an investigation into the movement. it wants to know why the national park service is allowing demonstrators to remain in mcpherson square. republican congressman daryl issa, who heads the committee, says the demonstrators are damaging that place and says the park service are breaking its own rules by allowing protesters
5:35 am
to remain there. a fund-raiser tonight for mitt romney. it will be held at the downtown restaurant called lincoln. mitt romney is not expected to be at the dinner, but his son tag is headlining the dinner aimed at young professionals. this evening former utah governor jon huntsman will visit virginia for a fund-raiser. that's according to "the washington post." huntsman has trailed in the polls and ranks six out of seven gop candidates in the latest nbc news poll. governor bob mcdonnell is scheduled to stop by the breakfast fund-raiser at the country club of virginia in richmond and speak privately with huntsman. mcdonnell has met or spoken privately with all republican candidates and has been eyed as a potential pick for vice president. president obama will mark the near end of the american military presence in iraq with an address to troops who serve there. later this morning, he'll travel with first lady michelle obama to ft. bragg, north carolina. there he'll deliver a speech to military members and their
5:36 am
families. special services from ft. bragg were among the first troops in iraq in 2003. more than 200 troops from the base have died in iraq since then. mr. obama has pledged that all u.s. troops will leave iraq by the end of this month. and later today -- sorry. that's the same story we just read. moving on, a local veterans group is organizing a memorial for the mishandled remains of fallen service members at dover air force base in delaware. records show the cremated partial remains in dumped in a landfill in king george county in virginia. families of those service members asked not to be notified if the partial remains were ever recovered. american legion post 89 in king george county set up a donation account. it wants to hold a memorial service for the service membersfmembers. the group also wants to create a permanent memorial. a vienna father is facing charges in his 2-month-old daughter's death. police arrested and charged
5:37 am
21-year-old francis reed with murder. his daughter amber was taken to the hospital and treated for injuries on saturday. she died on monday. authorities would not discuss the nature of the alleged abuse. amber's mother has not been charged in the case. a dupont circle restaurant is reopening after a deadly incident right outside its doors. heritage india closed last month after a fight at a late night party spilled outside to connecticut avenue. three people were shot. 34-year-old jhonte coleman died from his injuries and three others were stabbed. according to "the washington post," heritage india can reopen under conditions that it closes at midnight and installs extra security cameras. a newspaper is reporting this morning the restaurant can resume alcohol sales on december 21st. 5:37 is the time. you ready to tie the knot? well, what a new report is saying about marriage in an age many are walking down the aisle.
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good morning. time for weather and traffic on the ones. i'm meteorologist tom kierein in stormcenter 4. a few breaks in the clouds. there's a peekaboo moon. temperatures in the clouds generally mid and upper 30s. most of the region from the mountains all the way to the atlantic beaches. it's near 40 in washington and by the bay. the view from space showing this cloud cover coming in from the north, and it's drifting over us, and going to be with us here from time to time throughout the rest of the day. mostly cloudy. here's your day planner. sunrise 7:18. maybe a little sun this morning but a cloudy afternoon. highs reaching the mid and upper 50s midafternoon. then late afternoon back down into the 40s and this evening. low 40s by midnight under a mostly cloudy sky. and i'll show you the forecast for tomorrow. maybe some rain on the way. we'll look at that and the weekend and next week. that will be in ten minutes. here's a look at traffic. good morning, danella. >> good morning. seeing reports of two accidents along i-95 southbound. the first one at 175. if you're traveling i-95 southbound, it's at 32. also seeing congestion as we shoot over to i-270.
5:42 am
pretty slocuming out of frederick as you make your way towards clarksburg road. that's when the lanes open up for you. taking a live look at father hurley, you are bustling as you make your way towards the spur. you are starting to slow down just a bit in this area in germantown as you make your way towards rockville. not seeing any issues as you travel i-270 northbound. you are in the clear. if you're taking the rails, no reported delays on the metro, marc, or vre. all are running on or close to schedule. joe and eun, back to you. >> thanks, danella. our time is 5:42. striking it rich or not. why one man who hit the jackpot on a slot machine has to go to court to try to get that money.
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in woodbridge. investigators say that surveyors discovered the body in an area near bonita fitzgerald drive. the remains were badly decomposed and they could not determine even the sex of the person or a possible cause of death. investigators are looking for a man who may have exposed himself to children. police say a witness took photos of a man after an incident in manassas, virginia. he approached two young boys earlier this month, one 6 and one 12, and exposed himself and then asked inappropriate and sexual questions. the man did not touch the boys but did follow one home. there have been similar reports near a local chuck e. cheese restaurant. if you have any contact with this man, you're asked to call police. a possible prostitution bust inside an arlington hotel. this exclusive video shows police taking four men and two
5:47 am
women into custody on a days inn on columbia pike. they received a tip about a prostitution ring in the hotel. they found an suv stolen in the parking lot. police made their move. >> at this time, we have to determine their relationship with the stolen vehicle, how they got it, and to see what crimes have actually been committed here. >> police have not said what charges the six people taken into custody will face. an 85-year-old woman is still shaken this morning after being am bushed and robbed while trying to leave her home for church. this happened friday morning on shepherd street in the brookland neighborhood northeast. the woman who does not want to be named said she was scraping ice off her windshield when a man reached inside her car and grabbed her purse. she tried to use the ice scraper to defend herself but was knocked to the ground. and while she was distracted with the first robber, a second jumped in the car from the passenger side and sped off.
5:48 am
several tattoo artist,scheduled to testify today as the d.c. council considers regulations on body art. that proposal would make tattoo and body piercing establishments get licenses and require health and education standards. the council's committee on public services and consumer affairs is holding a hearing today on the proposed regulations. be prepared to pay more when you hail a cab in the district. the d.c. taxicab commission introduced a proposal to increase fares. the per mile rate will jump from $1.50 to $2.16. the wait time will jump from $15 an hour to $25 an hour. fees will be eliminated. those include fees for additional passengers and for luggage. you will soon be able to pay for your fare with a credit card. you'll be able to offer your input on the new deal at a taxicab commission meeting on january 11th. the new changes won't be implemented until february at the latest. today nationals park will be scene of a mock terrorist
5:49 am
attack. emergency services will join local marines to practice what would happen if an actual emergency happened. new research out this morning gives a striking picture about the state of marriage in america. according to census data reviewed by the pew research center, only 51% of american adults are married. that's down 5% from last year and down more than 20% from 1960. and those that are getting married are doing it later in life. about half of all women are 26 or older when they first marry, and more than half of all men are at least 29 years old. part of the reason, things including cohabitation and single parent hood are more acceptable than they are in the past. the fandemonium sweepstakes is back. it's 4g friday in a couple of days. fans of the nbc washington facebook page can win cold hard cash. someone will win $4,000. all you have to do is sign up on
5:50 am
nbc washington's facebook page. you must enter weekly for a chance to win in any given friday's random drawing. is $4,000 helpful this time of year? >> definitely. any time of the year, right? cash? who's going to say no to that? all right, tom. how about the forecast? little bit nicer than yesterday, i'd say. >> it is a bit warmer this morning. most of our viewers will not be scraping frost off their windshield this morning. we do have temperatures around the region that are just a little bit above freezing. so quite a chill in the air. thankfully, we don't have much wind. here's a live view from the city camera. there's the capitol off in the distance there looking toward the east. quite a bit of cloudiness. a few breaks in the clouds. little bit of moon breaking through. temperatures right now near 40 right on the tidal potomac at reagan national. a little more humid. not quite as dry as it has been the last couple of days. temperatures around the region from the mountains to the beaches are generally above freezing in most locations.
5:51 am
at the airport there, warmer. but elsewhere, mid-30s. there is aloud cover coming in from the north and west, and that's going to be with us here throughout the rest of the day. it is producing some rain way out in western west virginia. there's ohio. it's raining there. raining in the northern indiana, southern michigan. that's along a warm front that will stay west and north of us today. sunrise at 7:18. we'll have it near 40 by 9:00. maybe a little sun in and out this morning. otherwise, a cloudy day. afternoon highs into the low to mid-50s by midafternoon. then this evening, sunset 4:47. back down to the mid-40s right after sunset. low 40s by midnight. by dawn tomorrow, we should be down into the upper 30s and a warmer day tomorrow, ought to make it into the upper 50s. a lot of clouds around, and there's a possibility of afternoon or evening showers, a cool front slowly approaches our region and begins to move through on friday.
5:52 am
partly cloudy. still a bit mild on friday. turning colder saturday morning down near 30. sun back saturday afternoon. highs reaching the mid-40s. by the way, a small chance of a sprinkle to our south friday night. otherwise, dry all the way from friday through the weekend. colder weather saturday afternoon and sunday afternoon mid-40s. a bit milder monday. might get chilly rain on tuesday. danella, how's traffic? >> right now breaking news coming out of germantown. we have a pedestrian struck. this is as you're traveling southbound i-270 on the exit ramp for germantown road. police are on the scene. again, this is on the exit ramp for germantown road coming from southbound 270. you can see at father hurley you're jammed as you make your way towards the accident. further up, just be aware of this as you're making your commute. i'm going to watch this all morning long. also, if you're traveling i-95 northbound this time making your way towards 32. an accident involving a car. police on the scene of this
5:53 am
accident as well. i'm back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic. now back to you both. >> danella, thanks so much. a proposed traffic law could make it harder for college students to park their cars in d.c. legislation for the d.c. council would eliminate a program for out of state students. it allows them to pay $338 for a local parking permit. d.c.'s department of transportation he says it could be difficult for local drivers to find parking spots on city streets, especially near college campuses. some students say that taking away their long-term parking privileges is simply not fair. >> the bill would essentially discriminate against students in that it would take away the reciprocity system from only students and not other nonresidents. >> the ban on student residential parking passes would need to pass the full council. if that happens, it would not become law until late next year. today the federal government will start the first auction of offshore petroleum leases in the gulf of mexico since the
5:54 am
deepwater horizon disaster. interior secretary ken salazar will sell oil leases in mexico. 11 people died in that deep water horizon explosion in april of 2010. it led to the worst oil spill in the history of the u.s., sparking the interior department to reorganize how it regulates the offshore energy industry. thousands of post offices nationwide slated to be closed will remain open at least for now. the postal service has agreed to delay closing 3,700 post offices and more than 32 mail processing centers until the end of may. they were supposed to close as early as april. the postal service is giving congress time to pass more legislation that would give it authority to stave off bankruptcy. the agency is expected to lose more than $14 billion next year. if you're refreshing your resume or looking for a new job, you may want to take another look at your resume and make some changes. the social network site linkedin has released the top ten words
5:55 am
that job seekers overuse. here are some of them -- creative, organizational, creative, innovative, and motivated. linkedin checked to see which words professionals used the most in 2011. they want a new york man to throw out a lawsuit claiming he owns half of the $50 billion social networking site facebook. the man claims to have a contract from 2003 stating that ownership. facebook attorneys say the ink on that contract is less than two years old. they plan to file a motion early next year to have the case dismissed. the lawsuit claims the plaintiff gave facebook founder mark zuckerberg money to develop the site when zuckerberg was a student at harvard. winning $100 from a slot machine isn't too shabby unless you were told you've just won $57 million. a man from switzerland played a slot machine at an austrian
5:56 am
casino recently. he only got 4 of the slot's 5 required matches, but a bell went off telling him he won the big jackpot. he then went to claim the prize, but a casino told him a software glitch accidentally declared him the big winner. he has since filed a lawsuit claiming he is entitled to that $57 million. a virginia family has their lost dog back after eight years and 2,700 miles. somehow the dog named petunia wound up in california near sacramento. a woman out walking her own dog found petunia in a wildlife area earlier this month and took her to an animal shelter. workers there found a microchip that traced the dog back to the veterinarian clinic in virginia. the clinic was then able to identify the owner. at this point, the family has no idea how the dog ended up across the country. >> he's got some stories to tell, huh? >> i bet he does. >> i think it's amazing he made it home after all those years from so far away.
5:57 am
>> and all that dirty laundry he's got to clean. if santa gives you a lump of coal, it's probably a bad thing. >> just don't be disappointed if you get coal from senator joy mancion. he gave chuck schumer lumps of coal as part of the secret santa gift exchange. he had two staff members swing by his state's culture center gift shop to pick up the presents, a donkey and elephant made out of west virginia coal. 62 senators took part in this first ever bipartisan interfaith gift exchange. if it's a donkey and elephant, i think it's kind of cool if it comes from west virginia. giving me ideas for our own secret santa gift exchange, a lump of coal. >> that may be. ahead, the looming threat of a government shutdown.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news right now. a major problem affecting thousands of drivers.


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